About us

The brainchild behind this site is myself, Munly Leong and I’m rather (strangely) passionate about job destruction and entire departments of people being automated away.  I’m a also strong advocate for universal basic income and fall into the atypical software engineer / automation and AI developer mold that typically support it. No I am not an AI and this site is not AI curated (yet!)

At the same time, I also feel like a site that aggregates together the fast moving developments in machine learning and automation is now badly as most of the mainstream outside of tech still have no idea that much of this is happening and particularly, how fast it’s happening. Especially governments. At a minimum I would like this site to be a resource for people, before they undertake an expensive/extensive period of study to become informed about whether they are potentially preparing for a career and job that may not exist by the time they graduate.

Destroy All Jobs is a nice clickbait title that’s been very popular with everyone that’s learned of the site so far. Personally I dont believe we will destroy every job, but effectively we are now heading towards a word where the inverse i.e. “full” *unemployment* may become the norm and 10% of the population or less “working” may be able to provide everything for the others in the years to come. Jobs will be created but at the same time, many more jobs will be destroyed in the process. I hope this site will help give you a quicker path to a clear picture of everything that’s happening across all industries and the planet today.