Hiatus news, updates will resume in April

Hey guys.  The posts dried up because of both travel (I took off to be a digital nomad) and also gave a talk at the first Asia Pacific Basic Income conference in Taiwan. Theres a big backlog of news to catalog to catch up on over April so there’ll be no shortage of updates. The talk unfortunately needs to be re-recorded but slides and videos are available over in the community forum at basicincomecity.org , which is another site I’m still working on to specifically talk about and organize basic income pilot projects. It will start out as a post conference community and hopefully grow into something resembling a basic income pilot project version of city-data.com

At the same time,  Ive made Phillippe Chabot’s acquaintance who has been making the human vs machine videos/twitter visually showing jobs + automated equivalent side by side. You can see more over at  https://twitter.com/humanvsmachine?lang=en . I’ll be adding a specific section for those in the next update for the site.

Lastly, the contact form was briefly broken but has been replaced. For those that had trouble getting through the captcha before but wanted to reach out the new one is a lot more simple.

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