Russia may replace its tank drivers with AI

The Russians have already been testing unmanned tanks on the poor citizenry in Syria. Dubbed the Uran-9, the robotic armored vehicle is not intended to replace main battle tanks such as the T-90 or T-14 Armata. Rather, the diminutive machine is designed to provide fire support to special operations forces and to conduct reconnaissance. Developers Rosoboronexport expects that the robotic combat vehicle will mostly be used to provide fire support for counter-terrorism units, reconnaissance units and possibly light or mechanized infantry forces.

The Uran-9 system is not just a single vehicle. It’s a complete system that can be deployed with an infantry unit. The system consists of two robotic reconnaissance/fire support vehicles, a truck to carry those robots and a mobile command post. Another unmanned tank the Scorpio is shown below

Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin announced that the military would soon need people experienced in the computer game “World of Tanks.”

We need no tankers now, we need World of Tanks players” Rogozin quipped in a 2015 tweet.

Admin’s note – this story comes with some second hand personal experience. An acquaintance of mine is a Syrian refugee and he was the one that mentioned that I should look into this for the site as he has personally had to run away to escape these when he was still in Syria.  At some point if all warfare becomes unmanned, I wonder if militaries will stop attacking each other’s equipment an instead aim for the human operators and oversight. After all war is still at a base level about hurting other people and other than loss of resources, nothing is really accomplished or less when equipment is attacked and destroyed.

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