IBM Watson has 99% of the accuracy of human doctors in cancer diagnosis

Watson recommended treatment plans that matched suggestions from oncologists in 99 percent of the cases it analyzed and offered options doctors missed in 30 percent of them.

Human experts at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine tested Watson by having the AI analyze 1,000 cancer diagnoses. In 99 percent of the cases, Watson was able to recommend treatment plans that matched actual suggestions from oncologists. Not only that, but because it can read and digest thousands of documents in minutes, Watson found treatment options human doctors missed in 30 percent of the cases. The AI’s processing power allowed it to take into account all of the research papers or clinical trials that the human oncologists might not have read at the time of diagnosis.

IBM’s serious about bringing Watson into the healthcare industry. Like, billions of dollars serious. To build Watson’s medical credibility, IBM spent $4 billion dollars purchasing companies that had huge stores of medical data, from billing records to MRI images. And it looks like the investment is paying off.

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