Ocado – Amazon Go’s closest competitor has been here all along

Ocado claims to be the world’s biggest online only grocery which is very similar to Amazon Go.  The key difference is that you can select your groceries either at their store or online and they’ll be delivered to you.  However, Americans who are used to having everything will be disappointed. Ocado is UK based. Humans are *still* employed (for now) as pick packers but the company is investing heavily in GPU based machine learning that in years ahead may finally obsolete humans. The one area where humans will still remain relevant will be that of delivery, but only due to human preference. Ocado says that their customers still prefer a human drop off their groceries.

Ocado also claims that its 350,000-square-foot warehouse in Dorden, near the U.K.’s second city of Birmingham, is already more heavily automated than Amazon’s warehouse facilities.

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