Eatsa, a zero human cashier eatery similar to the Automat of old

It originally opened in San Francisco in 2015 but in the past year, Eatsa has expanded from a single location in San Francisco to five restaurants in California, New York, and Washington, DC and has become immensely popular among the millennial crowd since day 1. The food is lower priced and customers come out far happier than if they’d had to wait around and deal with human customer service.

If you’re older and remember the Automat from the 1930’s and 40’s where human’s cooked as well as placed the foods behind the transparent bays, then history is repeating itself here. However, this time humans are only needed to sort the food while preparation is done in automated fashion.

The concept is still fairly new to people so Eatsa does employ people to guide new customers through the experience if they ask questions… but mostly apparently they’re being paid just to stand around and do nothing otherwise. And that’s okay. Eventually they’ll probably not be needed at all.

See full article here where Business Insider gives you the close up look in pictures of what it’s like to order and eat at Eatsa

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