These robot butchers can carve 600 carcasses an hour – with one human in charge

In one of Scott Technology’s “lamb boning rooms,” a production line of about a dozen robots strips meat from 600 carcasses an hour.

Automated arms clamp onto pieces of raw lamb, while others wield guillotine-style blades or small knives to cut through them. You only need one human to oversee the process.

While some meat processing plants outside the US have already started using robots, American plants have thus far largely held onto human workers.

That’s partially because companies like Scott are just starting to develop boning technology for beef, so it isn’t as advanced yet as the systems for lamb, Hopkins says. The average American consumes much more beef (about 61 pounds per year) than lamb (about one pound per year), so that’s what most US plants process. The average New Zealander or Australian, by comparison, consumes about 26 pounds of lamb annually, so the majority of Scott’s meat processing bots currently operate in those countries.

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