Robots Give Rise to the Future of Pharmacy Dispensing

A growing number of pharmacies are installing robotic dispensing systems to optimise prescription fulfilment, improve efficiency and deliver enhanced patient-centred consultations, reports Leanne Philpott

According to an international report from Grad View Research, the global pharmacy automation devices market is growing at a substantial rate. By 2020 it is expected to reach USD 8,996.8 million.

The devices referenced in the report include medication dispensing system, packaging and labeling systems, storage and retrieval systems, compounding systems and tabletop counters–all of which are being implemented to increase efficiency of work within pharmacies.

John Koot, managing director of Willach Pharmacy Solutions, says, “There has never been a more important time for pharmacists to study their dispensary efficiencies. With increasing pressure on margins, pharmacies must prepare for the future by improving dispensary processes to reduce the cost of delivering their services.

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Automating dispensing will not obsolete pharmacists however as this article argues here

“The dispensing process can be divided into two distinct parts: the handling of the medication and the consultation.

“Automating the first part is perfectly appropriate and necessary to allow pharmacists to spend more time and energy on the second part- counselling the patient.

“The point of automation in any industry is to take away mundane, repetitive tasks that humans currently have to complete to give them the time and space to do the work that really matters.”


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